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The first one is that the natural teeth might whiten more than the cosmetic teeth and for the first few weeks look unbalanced particularly if you have only one or two cosmetic teeth fitted. One of the questions we get asked a lot is can you whiten my teeth if I have a veneer, crown or bridge? The answer is yes. Once a few weeks have passed the whitened teeth will bounce one or two shades and makes the teeth look more balanced but this will depend on how white teeth have changed during the treatment. Even though this requires a China Airless Bottle Manufacturers visit to the dentist and some additional costs this will give you the whitest possibly looking teeth that all match and look consistent with each other in the mouth.

If you have had cosmetic teeth fitted more recently let us say in the last three to four year and your ambition is to have your teeth whitened then this is still possible but there might be several situations that might occur.

The second option is to look at replacing the cosmetic teeth to match the newly whitened natural teeth.

In most cases people will have cosmetic teeth fitted to the top row of teeth and in many cases will be replacing just one or two teeth so therefore there is a strong possibility that the natural teeth surrounding the cosmetic teeth have become stained over a period of time making the cosmetic teeth look whiter. Some people deodorant stick container Factory who have the complete top teeth replaced with veneers or crowns need not worry as the likelihood is you want the bottom teeth whitening to match.

Most good Dentists would have matched the teeth at the time to ensure the natural and cosmetic teeth look a similar shade and over time the natural teeth will darken and become stained where the cosmetic teeth are not porous and therefore do not change colour. Either way good luck in your goal of getting a new smile!.

For some people the prospect of teeth whitening can be complicated but always get as much advise as possible and the net is a great place to start before you go too far in your quest for a matching new smile of your dreams!

Unfortunately there is no magic wand so it always best to check with your teeth whitening consultant or dentist before embarking on a whitening journey to ensure the outcome matches your expectations as there are a lot of companies who oversell the fact that everyone will end up with the perfect Hollywood smile and this simply does not happen. Yes everyone?s teeth can be whitened but we all do not have amazing white teeth so be realistic with your expectations. These customers are perfect for teeth whitening as this is a generally a strong indicator that the natural teeth were the same shade as the cosmetic teeth when fitted and that after the laser teeth whitening treatment the teeth will then revert back to that shade matching all the teeth the same colour